This is going to make a pressing difference

Suddenly I got light-headed and short of breath.

I never experienced a overheated flash or a heat stroke until just recently. It started out like any other day down south. The temperature was at least in the low 90’s but inside the home and in my vehicle with the A/C on I could barely tell the difference. I was taking a trip to go visit my old roommate to talk about transferring all of our energy and WIFI bills over to her name now that I had moved. Exiting my vehicle I felt a bit overheated but didn’t easily concern myself with it. When I entered my old property though I suddenly began to notice I was perspiring a bit more than normal. I shrugged it off as I had just recently became pregnant and figured my body temperature was just off due to how my blood amount has doubled. Suddenly I got light-headed and short of breath. The next thing I knew my vision was starting to get blurry and then slowly got darker almost black. I proceeded to run directly over to the control component and saw they had been keeping it at 71 degrees and didn’t have any fans on either! I suddenly lowered the control component and then begged my former roommate to let me borrow her fans while she got me a cool glass of water to slowly drink. Within a few minutes the A/C was blasting cool air as I stood directly in front of a vent along with my friends filtered rotating fan. I was grateful but decided that was the last time I would come visit my old locale now that they keep a modern average temperature.

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