Leave lunch by the AC unit instead of the fridge

When I was working in an office I definitely didn’t appreciate the environment.

I’m a lot happier being at home, and the comfort and safety of my own home these days.

I know that my heating and cooling system does a fine job keeping me safe from the outdoor elements. Besides that, I keep all strangers out of my house to reduce the chance of contracting the COVID virus. Thinking back, nothing was ever this safe when I was working in an office. Even before we had to worry about a pandemic, it was clear that there were a lot of biological hazards hanging around the communal workspace. For instance, the breakroom fridge was one massive biological experiment that I refused to take part in. I remember opening that disgusting refrigerator and finding mold, mildew, and Lord knows what else growing inside. At the time, I didn’t want to ruin my normal lunch plans, so I began sitting as close as I could to the air conditioning units in our office window. Rather than sacrificing my lunch to the fridge, I would set my lunch bag right next to the AC window unit which was always operating on the coolest setting. As the AC unit blasted cold air from the tiny vent, it effectively kept my lunch cool enough for me to be comfortable. I knew that the AC window unit was regularly cleaned, because I arranged the professional HVAC appointments. I figured, even if my food increased a few degrees while it sat in front of the AC unit, it was still safer than letting it anywhere near that disgusting refrigerator.