Write a book about sharks and furnace repairs

My friends tell me to write a book about my life because of all of the crazy things that happened in it. I don’t really feel like writing a book though, but maybe one day when I am an old man I will have the desire to do so. I feel like I’m not done living yet and the book would be incomplete, so maybe waiting till the end of my life would be a better option for a good autobiography about an unknown soul like me. I’m not famous and it seems nobody would want to read the book. Electric furnace repairs are kind of mundane and nobody would want to read a book about someone’s day at the HVAC business, unless it involved some kind of shark attack story. I still remember the day I quit swimming to the buoys when I saw a huge great white feeding right next to the buoy I would swim out to. The cooling tech and I would swim out there after a day of work at the heating company, but after seeing that huge fin cutting back and forth out there I never swam to the buoy again. Getting eaten by a great white is not high on my bucket list, so staying on shore and watching the sunset sounds like a much better option for me. I like doing heating device repairs and am still happy to go skimboarding along the shore, but heading out to the deeper waters on my little surfboard is not going to happen anymore, along with my cooling tech buddy.

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