Wifi thermostat keeping us cool

It is time to go grab that cologne from the store that I can’t remember the location of.

This town is pretty small though and it can only be on a few streets, so I will go around town and look down the streets till I find the place.

I will shell out $30 for the cologne, which should last me a year or so, as I don’t use too much of the stuff at a time. I just want some cologne once in a while when I feel like it and not every single day like some do. Wifi thermostats are on my mind as well, as we just bought a new thermostat from the new contractor and it works like a charm to keep the flat at a good temp. I bought it on a whim the other month because I just got tired of constantly adjusting my old dial unit to keep the place comfy each day. The new smart thermostat set me back about $95, but it will save me a ton of time by not having to adjust the thermostat to run the air conditioning or heating system each day. I still have a little bit of money left over for that cologne though, but after buying that I am going to have to cut back on my spending a bit. It is too easy to eat out at the local businesses each day, but then I am burning through my HVAC technician money that I earn each week working with my buddy, the local contractor.

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