Why can’t I find a pilot light on the new furnace?

I really thought that when we bought our house we would sell it long before we needed to replace the furnace. We bought the HVAC system about 30 years ago and now we just had a replacement unit put in. Even though the new one is far more efficient it is still taking me some time to get used to how it operates. Technology sure has changed over the past 30 years and I can’t believe how quiet my new system is. Not only that it takes up far less room than the old cumbersome one that was in the basement and we are happy about that as well. I was reading the manual the other day and I became confused because I was trying to find out how to relight the pilot if it goes out. I had to do this at least a couple of times a year during the winter because there were drafts in the basement which would cause the pilot to blow out. No one in the manual did find a way to do this so I ended up calling the HVAC dealer to ask him how I go about fixing the problem when it happened. The dealer kind of chuckled when I asked this question and told me that pilot lights were a thing of the past and the newer systems had an igniter system instead. Explain that this was an electronic spark that caused the furnace to heat and it was one of the reasons why they were more fuel efficient. I no longer had a pilot light that burned 24/7 and the igniter switch also would not be bothered with drafts that might be in the room. I thought this was pretty cool and it was good to know I wouldn’t have to worry about that.


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