Unusual indicator that the heat is coming on

When our new furnace was installed we were amazed at how quiet it was.

  • We were used to hearing the drone of the old on each time it kicked on and now we hear nothing.

It is a great feature but sometimes I wonder if it is one or not. There is one funny indicator that I love telling people about. My Cat! Animals have a much more sensitive hearing ability and she can still hear the furnace kick on. She immediately runs to the floor vent to wait for the rush of air to come out. She almost seems impatient as she waits. There is always a delay between when the furnace turns on and when the air comes out. This is due to the high-limit switch. In simple terms this is part of the furnace and makes sure the air is heated before sending it through the ductwork. If your system did not have this it would blow cold air until it was able to heat it up each time. This would be like blasting the heat in the car while the engine is still cold. You would be miserable during that time and it would make you colder than you were and it would take longer to heat the space or your car. If you ever notice that your furnace is blowing very cold air prior to warm air you may want to have this part checked to make sure it is still working properly. Because this part gets a lot of use it can wear out over time and should be part of your regular tune up routine too.
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