Untypical pet adoption ad – prefers apartment separate from central Heating & Air Conditioning

Today I did my typical habit of opening Petfinder plus looking at all of the available pets for adoption.

I have been wanting to get my own pet for at least a year now, but to be tolerable I have been too scared to pull the trigger.

I am afraid to adopt a pet because you never know what kind of medical or behavioral problems are getting yourself into. Besides that, I cannot even look at the pets that are available for adoption separate from crying for hours. I want to help them all plus it tears at my heartstrings to see their anxious pictures. This day was no different. I saw a sweet looking puppy plus opened her profile to find the most interesting description I have ever read. For some reason, it was recommended that this pet lives in a apartment separate from central heating plus cooling. I contacted the foster parents plus asked what was wrong with indoor air quality control management for this pet. They promptly responded with a long spiel about cooling systems plus boilers terrorizing the awful puppy. Apparently, when this pet was found she was in an abandoned apartment where they hadn’t bothered to turn off the central heating plus cooling system. For over two weeks she was locked indoors as the central cooling system blasted ice chilly air into the house. The awful puppy had nowhere to go to escape the ice chilly indoor air. She was found cowering in the attic, as far away from the central A/C unit as she could get. To this day, the awful pooch is not a fan of air conditioning, so it’s absolute torture for him to be surrounded with central heating plus cooling systems. I think I could tear out my central Heating & Air Conditioning…