Trying to keep our apartment around 70 degrees

I have never been so gleeful to move out of my parents home and return to school.

At first it was because I hated having to be stuck in a home where I couldn’t do what I wanted and had to get use to having a curfew again.

After a week into summer time though I realized that my school had entirely kept their Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system at a much lower level than my mother which meant that I had to readjust to a hotter climate even while being indoors. Now it isn’t like my mother kept the home at a high temperature, however she refused to have the system go any lower because she said it made the electric go up a hefty sum in our daily payments. My school system kept the dorm rooms and the classrooms at about 70 degrees. This was partially because several of the school buildings were historic and close to 100 years older. With such seasoned buildings the a/c systems and ducts were possibly so seasoned that they tended to have holes and broke down easily. To make sure none of the students were sweaty or sizzling they made sure to keep the buildings as freezing as possible and even put window units in each classroom so that if the system as a whole broke down the classes could still be comfortable. Some of the students began to think that a good portion of our tuition fees went to paying for the a/c while the other students swore it had to go to the water bills because our sprinklers were always on and watering some section of the grounds throughout the day sporadically even twice a day.

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