Trenchless sewer line repair was ideal for my situation

I had the worst issue any homeowner could have recently, an issue with my septic and drainfield.

I noticed a foul smell in my backyard and immediately knew something was up.

There was standing water in the backyard and it was foul. I called a plumbing contractor right away. The guy informed me that my drainage field was the culprit. I needed to have the septic and drain field dug up and redone again. Pumping the septic system wasn’t going to do it. I wasn’t really keen on the idea of my whole lawn being dug up but what are my options? The plumber then informed me that he could do a trenchless sewer line repair. This is where they don’t dig up the lawn and cause a huge mess to fix the issues underneath. It is a bit more money but it is way less invasive on the home. Since I was about to throw a fourth of July party, I was more than willing to keep my backyard in fact and not have any stinky smells anymore. It only took the plumbing business two days to do the trenchless plumbing repair. I am so glad that I chose this method. It was quick, simple, and I believe it was a more cost effective choice. I also liked that it wasn’t totally conscious I was having septic issues. I didn’t really want my friends, family, and neighbors to see my septic system being pumped or dug up. I have since kept that plumber’s number and I will use them again for any future related waste, water, and drainage issues.

trenchless sewer repair