Tour de lodges – best heating goes to…

I guess I have a complication with making decisions.

I’m not fantastic at pulling the trigger on things, and I tend to rely on other people to reinforce my decisions before I make a move.

This might be a fantastic thing in some circumstances, but it also causes me to procrastinate a fantastic deal. Unluckyly, this leads to more trouble down the line and more decisions to make. You can see how this is a vicious and tough cycle to break. Recently, I was feeling extremely indecisive about taking time off of work. My wifey and I wanted to rent a lodge for some time, but my buddy and I couldn’t agree on a nights or lodge location, and by the time our getaway approached, none of the lodges that my buddy and I wanted were available for the entire time. That’s when my buddy and I decided to get creative and do a tour de lodges. We booked each one for the evening that it was available, and spent a short amount of time enjoying each diverse location. We noticed that there were easily several differences in the qualities of these lodges. Easily, the best one was the lodge with a full wood burning fireplace. The small lodge had a large tile fireplace with a beautiful wood mantel. The fireplace provided an incredible amount of toasty hot heat, despite its rudimentary nature. We had to continually feed wood into the large hearth, and my buddy and I were beyond shocked by the efficiency of this alternative heating source. It was so hot and efficient that my buddy and I never needed to operate the central furnace. We spent one awesome evening in this amazing lodge with the most comfortable indoor air conditions you could imagine. Next time, my buddy and I don’t need to guess so hard about which lodge to rent.



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