Time for the cooling waters of the sea

I just had a relaxing bike ride around town, spending $35 on a new pair of shades and some cologne.

  • I need to cut back on my spending though because I’ve spent a few hundred extra the past month or so and need to start saving for this trip coming up in a month and a half.

I rode around town and saw about six friends, which happens a lot in a small town like this, and which is also the reason I moved here four years ago. Those four years disappeared like sand in your hand, heating up year after year with all the friends I have made from working for the HVAC corp. I’ve met so many people in this town also from playing ball on the beach where everyone walks by and playing music in the streets with the band. The local business where I work brings in a lot of people as well, most of them wanting some kind of heating or cooling device during the harsh months. I bet in five more years I will know about 80% of this town, which wouldn’t be a good place for me to rob banks haha. I got this cologne for my HVAC expert girlfriend because she really liked it last time I wore it at the heating corp. So now I put some on and am waiting for her to come by later and smell the surprise gift. I will wear it when working on ductwork so when I come home from a hard day of HVAC work I won’t smell like a horse.



Heating technician