This beach weather is so unbelievable

Some people say that living on the beach is a pleasure.

This is true, however only when you are going to see the beach.

Anyone who owns a beach home knows that though the view and part may be welcoming the weather can be unpredictable and fierce. My family has experienced this first hand as my good friend and I have last through at least three unusual hurricanes. The most recent one was the worst. To begin with the hurricane itself didn’t seem like it was going to hit us too bad, so my father prepared the beach home in a proper manner. He turned off all the power including the air conditioning system and humidifier and then venued sandbags around the windows and doors to ensure no flooding would occur. It wasn’t until a few hours before the hurricane hit that my good friend and I realized the hurricane had shifted and was headed right towards our beach house. My mother and father were quite upset because they nervous that the weather would entirely take out the house. The hurricane abruptly passed and my father again ventured out to the beach home to check up on everything, however, before even reaching the beach home he had hit a difficult situation. The entire streets had been shut down as several power lines and electric companies had been hit so there wasn’t a way to get past the fallen cables. My father abruptly called our friend to see if he could check on the house. It turns out my good friend and I were fortunate and when our friend turned on our power just to check and the air conditioning system started up immediately. He then told us how jealous he was because his home was without power and the thick humid air was causing his apartment to get honestly uncomfortable. My father told him he’s more than welcome to stay at the beach home and use our air conditioning system and humidifier until his power came on.

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