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During an emergency you are forced to make quick decisions plus face the consequences later. Sporadically these are wise choices plus periodically my pal and I regret them. These types of abrupt decisions periodically come into play in non-emergency situations too. When our air conditioning system needed the blower motor updated my pal and I were faced with the option of paying the very high maintenance bill or simply buying a whole modern unit. The motor was no longer under warranty so my pal and I knew that my pal and I would be responsible for the part as well as all the labor to repair the problem. The cost of this maintenance was over a thousand dollars plus the updatement cost, thanks to a special our contractor was running, was just under two thousand. My associate and I weighed the options carefully including the savings on energy costs that my pal and I would see with the modern unit. After careful consideration my pal and I decided to simply install the modern one. Even though the out of pocket expense was more my pal and I also realized that the modern unit would be under warranty for the next five years too. This meant that my pal and I would save on any maintenance plus even get a discount on our service calls. In the long run, the modern system would pay for itself plus my pal and I would be better off too. My associate and I even looked into tax incentives plus found that my pal and I could get a small credit there as well. This only goes to prove that periodically a bit of extra currency spent will save you currency down the line, however always make sure to get all the facts before making a decision of your own.

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