Songs and heating component repair

What is this pull of rock n roll that consumes my mind so much? What is it that draws people to someone singing as opposed to them just talking? I don’t really know, although I do know that rock n roll is a rabbit hole that I am falling into and I like falling further and further down the hole.

I see why these rock n rollians play rock n roll their whole life, as it seems to be an escape from the sadness and monotony of normal life.

It is a nice escape and it feels like a great meditation session when my friend and I have a great set, and heating and Air Conditioning system repair is normal life stuff and I have to keep doing heating and cooling work till this rock n roll thing takes off and my friend and I become pressing stars, anything is possible right? We have about 20 songs that people seem to like, which my friend and I came up with over the past seven months. The local company on the beach is going to have us play outside near the gas space boilers for the winter crowd of tourists, and if it goes well they are going to have us do a show there every week, however our plan is to tell our fans from our street shows about this show and pack the locale so that they want us to come back again. I have some Heating and Air Conditioning tech friends who are going to come and lay by the space boilers and hang out for the show. I suppose my friend and I will have a great crowd and my friend and I will be invited to come back again, let’s see if I am right!


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