So ready to put away my A/C bundle (clothes against cold)

I suppose the time has finally come! I have been waiting for so long to wash out this closet plus free up some new space.

For the past many years, I have been playing it with a mysterious internal thermostat issue… A few years ago, I got sick plus my body stopped being able to regulate its own temperature efficiently.

I lost a ton of weight, plus separate from passable insulation on my frame I tend to run cold, then no matter what temperature it is, I’m generally covered in Goosebumps. For all these years, I’ve been trying to coexist with people who have normal temperature standards. They set the thermostat around 74 degrees every morning, plus they were pretty glad. Not me, I’m angry. I am regularly so cold that I have to wrap up in various layers of long underwear, jackets, plus even winter season coats. I walk around my home looking like there’s a blizzard. In reality, there’s drafty a/c that has making my body shiver intense up against the cold. I cannot rest it oh, so I try to protect myself with winter season gear. It has been a bulky plus angry couple of years, everything is about to change though! Tomorrow my Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist is coming out to install Zone controlled heating throughout the house. I’m going to have separate zones created for the spaces that I normally occupy. Then, I’m going to shuttle all of the hot air to those rooms. I won’t have to wear 10 layers of sizzling clothes anymore to keep the Goosebumps at Bay. I couldn’t be more gleeful for all of this extra closet space now that I can finally store away my winter season clothing.

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