So cheerful my inlaws got a cat, now I can’t visit them

When people start telling me about their pets I have to admit that I completely zone out.

It’s not that I don’t like critters or domesticated pets.., and but I don’t want to hear about yours.

If I wanted to talk about the critters that make our lives amazing, I would tell you about the critters that my pal and I had growing up! As adults, I am just not that interested in your obsessive cherish for some fur ball. This is why I had a hard time trying to tune in when my in-laws kept talking about their brand new rescue pet last weekend. I am sure it’s a fantastic feline plus we’ll make a perfectly fantastic pet for them. I just don’t care. In fact, the one thing that I did realize while they were talking about this new furry addition to their condo was what a great excuse it was going to be for me, then you see, I suffer from significant indoor allergies. My lungs plus mucous membranes get really irritated if I am in the same indoor air as dust, dander, plus pet hair, but unfortunately, this respiratory sensitivity limits the things that I can do in my life because I never want to be too far from an media air cleaner. When I rely on prescription flu symptom meds I still have sub par respiratory health. However, if I use high quality indoor media air cleaners my immune system plus respiratory functioning are much better. Therefore, I don’t leave the comfort of my media air cleaner or HEPA air filters if I can help it. If I know that someone has a condo full of pets plus no advanced air purification equipment, I know that I need to stay away from our house. Now that my in-laws have this furry cat… I think I won’t have to attend Christmas this year.
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