Six heating devices to write about

Jeez, my hands have been cold all afternoon long as I try to write these articles.

I am waiting for 6pm to come because my supplier is having a shareholders meeting to increase stock sales so they can begin production and the stock is going to go crazy tonight.

It could drop way down or explode up, I have no idea, but either way I am going to hold onto it for a long time until it blossoms and pays me well. I feel within two years I will be all set with my shares and can sell them. Heating and cooling systems in the EV cars they are selling are supposed to be the best, and this is the main selling point for the local company in town which will be selling the cars. If the sales go well I bet the stock could hit its all time high of $25 and my 10,000 shares would finally be worth something. But, as my Heating plus Air Conditioning tech neighbor found out, you never know what will happen until it actually happens. He was a local company and took all of the money he made from ten years of labor and obtained a heating and cooling business’s stock, only to lose it all about a year later. I’m not the only one who lost a bunch of money over the past year, but it still doesn’t make me feel any happier about doing so. I must have cleaned 100 HVAC duct systems for commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning systems and ended up losing it all in this EV stock, so far.


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