Riding with smokers

When you think back to the coldest times in your life, what comes to mind? Maybe you were camping plus got stranded in the middle of a brutal storm? Perhaps you lost heat in the dead of winter season plus had to get by separate from any current forced air heater? There are many dramatic scenes that could come flooding into your mind when you consider the most uncomfortable chilly of your life, and for me, the situation that consistently comes to my recollection is quite different.

I remember being about 15 years seasoned plus riding to a show with my older sister plus her friend. It was entirely October or January, so the outdoor air temperature was quite low plus unpleasant… My friend and I generally never have air rapidly changing temperatures higher than 20 degrees around that time of year. As you can imagine, it was important to stay inside plus utilize Modern Heating throughout the seasons. Any exposure to the chilly outdoor air was shocking to your system plus invited hours of shivering to your life. As I rode in the car on that dark winter season evening, my sister plus her friends took turns rolling down their windows to smoke cigarettes. Suddenly, the warm environment inside the car was completely ruined with freezing air streaming through the windows plus whipping through the back seat. I remember kneeling with my arms wrapped around myself, shivering in the poor cold. I tried asking for additional heating in the car, however my sister told me the furnace was on max. As I held my hands directly in front of the air vent plus pulled dirty sweatshirts off the seat onto my lap, I swore that I would never forget this cold chilly experience driving with two smokers.


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