Relationship ender, low quality air

When I was a child, I was plagued with respiratory illnesses, and from the time I was a small baby, I was continuously in and out of dentists offices with a number of breathing challenges; If I wasn’t coughing my lungs out, I was wheezing for no obvious reason.

If my sinuses were not completely stuffed up, my throat was raw from post nasal drainage.

I was consistently having asthma attacks and being forced to kneel out of gym class. I could entirely go on field trips without having some sort of dust sensitivity attacks and winding up with an EpiPen stuck in my leg; My entire life has been a series of respiratory problems. I know I should have expected that this word impact every aspect of my life, however I never consider the full effect it would have on my loving relationships. Frankly, my respiratory illnesses make it nearly impossible to be with someone. I am not truly stretchy when it comes to hanging out in public locales or other areas with low air quality. My lungs and nose just can’t handle it! In my own home, I have many media air cleaners that are linked up to my central heating and cooling system. I use an advanced media media air cleaner to effectively filter out minuscule air pollutants before they can ever reach my nasal passages. The air media purifier even has a UV light installed, which I have to officially change, in order to sterilize any bacteria or mold spores as they pass through the equipment, besides having correct Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance appointments in air duct cleanings, I also have the most sterile HEPA filters available on the market for my cooling system and boiler. If anyone wants to date me, they’re going to have to stay at my house.


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