Regular AC didn’t stand a chance against beach

I’m the first to admit that I’m an extremely frugal and thrifty human being. I am not embarrassed to tell you that I like to save a buck. I’m not extravagant when it comes to buying things for myself and I don’t enjoy the company of people who need to throw money around to have a good time. I’m much happier just keeping things simple and cheap, and watching my savings build up over time. I’ll try to make do whatever I can in order to save some cash. I like to think outside of the box when it comes to finding affordable solutions. That’s why I was convinced that I could replace our beach house air conditioner myself. It is my family’s old beach house, which was left to me about a decade ago. I went to visit the little home and found that it had started to fall apart. The air conditioner, in particular, was not operational and needed an immediate replacement. Obviously, being down on the beach, a cooling system is necessary. There’s so much sun and humidity that you need indoor temperature control at all times. I happen to have an old central air conditioning unit up north that was not being used. I figured I could pull it out of storage and install it in the beach house by myself. Problem solved! We would have AC again! What I didn’t realize when I was trying to be thrifty, was that beach homes require specific air conditioning units. They are built specifically to withstand sand and saltwater erosion. Within two months of hauling my AC unit down and installing it in the house, the cooling system had died and needed replacement. This time, I asked a professional HVAC tech for help. Sometimes you just can’t be Thrifty.


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