Playing songs for the local company in town

I wonder how much I could acquire a month if I played songs seven days a week.

I would like to try it for one month just to see how it feels and how much my pal and I can make.

I would say I could make enough to cover all of my bills for the month if I played a couple hours a afternoon for a month. I feel I would get burned out doing so, but doing it for a month is entirely something I could try. I don’t need to play every afternoon but I feel the local dealers would appreciate us pulling in customers, especially the Heating plus Air Conditioning company near the beach. My friend and I usually grab around 50 people when my pal and I play and they seem to hang out for an hour most of the time. I like doing heating and cooling system labor once in a while, and I feel I could play songs on weekends only and labor part time at the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier during the week and it would cover my bills. My friend and I have some really good spots my pal and I can play on the weekends and make about $100 in the process. Most of the clubs my pal and I play at have good heating and cooling systems to keep us comfortable during our two hour shows. Our plan is to play for the beach bars and surf clubs during the summers and go north to the mountains and stay in the cottage and play for the ski resorts, and there is a current company in town who wants us to play for his Heating plus Air Conditioning techs and workers too.

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