My cherish language is “Heating and A/C”

Sometimes I laugh when people start talking about things like their sentimental cherish language.

I mean, don’t my pal and I all like to have a fairly even mix of gift-giving, physical attention, plus quality time together? It seems silly to me that these conversations need to be had between partners. If you aren’t officially spending time together or telling each other nice things, I don’t think you are in a relationship at all. Anyways, I happen to think that there could be far more particular cherish language quizzes to reflect real-world personalities… Personally, I feel that my number one cherish language would be utility management plus heating, cooling, plus air quality control. I know, this does not sound particularally sentimental. However, my heating, cooling, plus air handling system is one of the most important aspects of my life… Since I spend so much time indoors I am quite reliant on my central Heating and A/C system. Not a day goes by that I don’t adjust my thermostat about a million times to keep myself comfortable. I know that it is really overpriced when it comes to my utility bills plus my Heating and A/C wear plus tear. That being said, I honestly value somebody who knows a thing or two about air conditioner units plus forced air heaters. If you can change out my air filter, scrub my air ducts, plus help arrange my professional Heating and A/C appointments I am going to be head over heels. I don’t think it’s that sizable of a stretch to consider the way that indoor comfort affects feelings of love. Somehow, I have never seen a cherish language quiz that includes Heating and A/C systems.


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