My brother’s old van

When I think back on high school many things come to mind.

My old friends, all the silly shenanigans that we got into to pass the time, and all of the ridiculous jock idiots that we went to school with are prevalent in my memories.

It was an extremely fun time and we were all figuring out exactly who we wanted to be back then. Things weren’t exactly easy, but they definitely were fun because we were together. Specifically, I think back to all the times that I spent in my brother’s creepy old man on our way to school and to friend hangouts. It wasn’t good, but it sure was funny. That old van was quite the vehicle. It was a large, baby blue family van with a tiny squeak of a horn. The van broke down often, required constant anti-freeze, and needed air put in the tires every single day. It also had an extremely finicky onboard heating and cooling system. One day, the heating system would work just fine and the next day there would be absolutely no heat available in the vehicle. Sometimes, I actually felt like the air conditioning was operating instead of the heating system. Don’t worry, because the air conditioning system barely worked either. In the summer, we usually had to roll the windows down if we wanted any ventilation or air flow. The AC unit would genuinely crank out 100-degree air when it was in a bad mood. Sitting on thick, velvety seats in the sweltering heat was always a miserable experience on the way to school. Looking back on the whole van disaster wasn’t pretty, however, it sure was fun.



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