Making rock n roll at the heating dealership

Well, our band now has a site to practice inside when the weather is not agreeing with us.

Sometimes my fine friend and I want to play outside however it is either too cold or too rainy out to play.

This week is one of those afternoons as it looks like my fine friend and I are going to have a rainy one once again, so my fine friend and I will really migrate to the shop plus play inside there in the basement where my fine friend and I can make as much racket as my fine friend and I want. The fine thing about these basements is they are soundproof plus cool, so practicing in the natural weather conditions control of the underground room is good. The only people that can hear some noise are the people above us in the Heating plus Air Conditioning store, however when my fine friend and I practice in the night the site is closed plus nobody can hear anything, but my friend and I can crank our sound system up to 10 plus nobody can hear it. We’ve even played when the Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation was open plus the purchasers nor the Heating plus Air Conditioning workers were bothered by us. The only setback to playing in that site is my fine friend and I usually have no audience, unless some people come to watch us practice. The cooling rep told me a few times when she was working at the heating dealership she found some people peering in the basement windows trying to get a glimpse of us playing. My friend and I don’t mind them watching however would rather them not record us because some of the music are new plus will be going on our new album. Anyway, off to wash the furnace filter in my flat.

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