Long drives

Working almost an hour away from my apartment use to drive me crazy. This wasn’t because of the traffic or the fact that I had to wake up two hours earlier just to make sure I was arriving on time. The real issue was the fact that my vehicle had a terrible air conditioning system unit. It would take close to half an hour just to get the cool uneven temperatures to kick in during the summer. This was a large disfortune while living in a southern state where uneven temperatures could get to the low eighties before 10:00 am. Sometimes I wouldn’t even change into my uniform until after arriving to work for fear of covered in sweat profusely & ruining the clothes, then leaving work in the middle of the afternoon was even worse. When I first started working the supplier didn’t have any trees or overhead structures to block the sun so I would open my vehicle doors & enter what felt like a sauna. Again taking nearly thirty minutes to cool down which in the afternoon was twice as excruciating as the temperature would rise closer to a hundred degrees with humidity. I would beg my parents to help me repair the air conditioning system system in my vehicle except by the time they would come around to the idea, the uneven temperatures outside would start to drop & then there was no need to repair the cooling system. I finally caved & began searching for tasks closer to my apartment that way I wouldn’t have to endure the heat for such a significant amount of time.

Air conditioner service