Installing air purifier for husband’s cooking

There are certain sacrifices that must be made when you are trying to align your life with somebody else. It’s difficult for two people to be completely compatible, and oftentimes someone is going to have to make drastic compromises in at least one area of their life. For me and my husband, that is our eating habits and respective diets. We have completely different outlooks when it comes to food preferences and health. He enjoys all of the Finer Things in life, and doesn’t understand the point of living for self preservation. He doesn’t want to eat vegetables and salad every night, because he would rather die young than force himself to live unhappily. This is why he’s constantly in the kitchen, creating massive meals and massive messes. I don’t mind too much, because he’s good at cleaning his dishes. However, there’s not a great solution for removing his food odors from the indoor air. After he cooks, the smell of his food lingers and our indoor air for many hours. Sometimes, the house smells like his cooking for days. I don’t enjoy coming home to smelly, stagnant air, but I also can’t open windows for efficient ventilation. We live in a highly variable climate, with hot and cold outdoor temperatures every day. As such, we have to rely on our indoor HVAC plan for any ventilation or air quality modifications. I desperately love my husband and want to improve our living situation, so I’m starting with the air handling equipment. This year for Christmas he will be receiving a airmedia purification system, and the privilege to keep cooking luxurious meals in our home.

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