In cherish with the cooling representative

I have a crush on a girl who works nearby and I stop by often just to give her a hug.

I feel she has a boyfriend though so I am keeping my distance and just being a nice guy wanting simply a hug now and then from a pretty lady.

I got a new cologne and maybe she will like it, despite the fact that I am not going to try and lure her in with it or anything else, just keeping her in the acquaintance zone where she belongs. I am working at condo this week and will be done with Heating and A/C system stories soon and then I’ll take a nap for a bit with my cats in the air conditioned tomb where I sleep every night. I’ll do a light workout later for my back and biceps with a acquaintance and then call it a day more or less, going condo by 8pm to get safe and snug on my sofa for movie night. It will be my cats and I, along with my climate control system, enjoying a movie about the sea or possibly a documentary on sharks or something like that. I really like the movie Captain Phillips about the hijacking of barges on The Horn despite the fact that I have watched it so many times I am wearing out the DVD! I watched it last time beside my fireplace during the winter time when it was cooling down so much outside that all you could do was stay in the flat and try to keep warm, that is if you have climate control for heating.

Heater technician