I really had some problems with that humidifier

My sister is having a bit of renter’s trouble.

Within the past few months she has had a few technical issues with her humidifier and she just can’t seem to find out what’s wrong.

She’s lived in her place for almost a year and up until the summer seasons has never had an issue with the humidifier. During the colder seasons she stated she had only ever emptied the water collector container a few times. Now that the weather is getting hotter though, she is having to empty the container once even twice a day. To make things worse, the humidifier doesn’t shut off once the container is filled so sometimes my sister comes home to find a small flood happening in her closet where the humidifier is stored. At first she figured it was just because the fan level on the humidifier was too high. It has been a week of her turning the system down to the lowest capacity and she is still having issues with the container overflowing. When I asked her why the humidifier was there in the first pace she stated that the previous renters complained about mold and so to make sure that wouldn’t occur the property owners installed the humidifier. She is going to try turning the humidifier off completely when she is not home to see if that will help, however, if it does not she is going to have to call the property owners and schedule a repair or replacement because she just can’t afford to come home to her belongings being ruined because of an accidental leakage from the container.

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