Husband double checks Heating and A/C work before they leave

I honestly try my best to be a kind plus considerate human with everything that I do in my life.

I never want to make anybody feel terrible or to put them in a drawback position.

I do try to be respectful plus conscientious of every human on this planet. In short, I never want to be called a “Karen.” It seems like there are times that this is more hard than others! Recently, I worried that my partner plus I had become a couple of Karen’s when the heating, cooling, plus air quality control dealership had to be enlisted various times to get one single repair service completed; Don’t get me wrong, if you hire a professional heating, cooling, plus air quality control worker you should be able to rely on their professional Heating and A/C expertise. There’s no reason why you should doubt the quality of their work or the stability of the heating plus cooling repair that they just made. However, something about the Heating and A/C worker who arrived at our condo last yeardidn’t fill my partner plus I with confidence. My friend and I simply didn’t feel that his heating plus cooling plus knowledge or repair service was up to snuff. Before the heating plus cooling worker left our house, my partner inquired if he could go take a look at today’s supposed furnace repair. My man provided the Heating and A/C system a solid once-over plus realized that there was shoddy workmanship underlying the “repair.” As my pal and I asked him to please re-examine his heating plus cooling work, the Heating and A/C tech was sure to spit various nasty words at us… including calling us “Kevin plus Karen.”


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