Getting some air conditioner repair soon

“We’re leaving in five minutes!” I can still hear those words of my mom echo in my mind some 45 years later.

  • She would say it in the day when getting ready to take us to middle school on her way to work each day.

That just reminds me of how strenuous momma worked to raise us and work her full time task each day. She would drive us to work and then opportunity us up on the way condo before cooking us breakfast and doing all the other chores of keeping a family going. So hats off to my cooling serviceman mom for being such a great mom to us while working for the local corporation. I feel I will call her this week and just thank her again for being such a cool person and making me into who I am this week. She basically ran the Heating and A/C supplier on her own while also doing the smart control unit programming for anyone buying the Heating and A/C devices at the business. She is still alive and healthy and I really hope we can share more memories together before she leaves us. She ran that cooling corporation shop for about 40 years and I really have my mom to thank for all that I have learned in the Heating and A/C field. You don’t realize when you are younger all of the work your parents did for you, despite the fact that I do now and I try my best to let them know how much I love it. My dad, who was a heating and cooling representative for the local business, is not around anymore to thank though.
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