Getting basement humidity under control

I love having a basement, and i feel like it’s a real luxury, and I can’t imagine moving into a property without one ever again.

I love the extra storage space it provides, the utility space that is perfect for doing laundry and completing house projects, and I love the naturally frosty air that the ground insulates year round.

The only thing that turns me off from our up-to-date basement is its tendency to collect too much moisture. The air down there is always nice and cool, however sometimes it gets far too humid to deal with. The moisture gets into every surface downstairs, and compromises the items I have stored down there, creating mold and mildew that is tough to get rid of! Occasionally I can’t even do laundry downstairs because everything ends up reeking of mold and requiring several washes. I contacted my local Heating and Air Conditioning worker and described my problem, and he was quick to offer me a reasonable solution. He advocated that I purchase a few high powered dehumidifiers and venue them strategically around the basement to unfasten the extra moisture from the cool indoor air. He said this is a proper issue with basement air quality, and using the official Heating and Air Conditioning machine I can expect to see improvement within only a few afternoons. I asked him to point me towards the official dehumidifying units, and he issued me a quote for several energy efficient models that wouldn’t split the bank, since I need to operate them 24/7. I’m ready to get drastic about my basement’s air quality.
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