Getting an interior designer to stage a house flip

My brother as well as I are in the house flipping business, my associate and I buy up out of date homes, do some major renovations, as well as sell them for a profit.

  • My associate and I have to stay modern with current trends.

My associate and I also find cool, edgy things people are doing. My associate and I have done penny tile, the paint with acrylic in wood, as well as changing floor patterns. My associate and I have looked at all styles of living rooms, bathrooms, as well as living rooms. My associate and I regularly try to keep a traditional look with minimal flair, then periodically the part demands that my good friend and I do what is trendy, however at the end of the building as well as construction process it is strenuous to sell a place with no furniture, however that is why my good friend and I work with an interior design as well as custom furniture builder. They bring in curtains, carpets, as well as furniture in a type that my good friend and I decide. Periodically my good friend and I choice traditional, transitional, contemporary, or southwest. They have other cool styles like eighth asite, southwest sparkler, as well as glamor living room; But my good friend and I don’t regularly take those into consideration. They stage the place as well as that is how it sells, then everything goes back to them at the end of the day, then it is easier as well as nice to keep it out of our hands. My associate and I handle tile, building, as well as layout, and doing fabrics as well as furniture would be too much. After seeing their work I kind of want my house designed how they do it. It would be entirely nice to have all the designs look like they go together. All their stuff is quite satisfactory too. I might work with them someday.

Transitional sophistication