Get that cooling device going

I am going to ramp up my yoga and volleyball lessons to make some more cash this summer.

  • If I push myself a bit I can make about an extra $500 a month just teaching the two things.

That would allow me to either put more money in my investment and get those 20K shares like I’ve wanted for a long time, or just blow it in the shops around town spoiling myself with some fancy stuff. But I really don’t want anything more than I have now and just want to recoup the money I lost investing in HVAC systems with this company I bought into from the advice of my cooling tech friend. It went way down in price about a month after I bought it and I should have sold it then because it went down about 90% more after that. My poor HVAC system is going to have to limp along cooling my home down for another year or two before I can buy another air conditioning system to keep me comfy. I don’t mind at all having to wait another two years as long as it gets me back what I so quickly lost. I should not have listened to the cooling supplier rep when he said buy it at $20 a share, but I thought he was right and knew something more than just the HVAC systems world. It’s all good though and it is teaching me a lesson in patience and perseverance, two things that are in short supply in my life as of now.

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