Four degrees warmer separate from a/c

Tonight is going to be a documentary night for me as I come house early while it is still sunny out.

The daylight doesn’t set till almost 9:30pm plus if I am out there on the beach watching the sunset I find myself getting house some afternoons at 10:30pm hungry plus in need of a shower still.

So most afternoons I am going to bed quite late, which is something I don’t like to do because I like to wake up early in the day plus get my day going. But it’s not simple when it’s heating up outside plus the local suppliers are packed with people having fun. This happens every single year plus I spend a lot of the summer time yawning each day trying to wake up. But then it’s cooling down again before my fine friend and I know it plus our boilers are turning on to keep us moderate as my fine friend and I stay in our flats to avoid the really cold temps. It gets dark in the winter around 5pm so you can get to bed at a fine time much easier than these summer time afternoons that seem to drag on forever. Cooling down each night with air con is a necessity because it can stay at the 90F mark most of the night, plus when you add humidity it makes it downright impossible to sleep separate from some kind of weather conditions control system to keep you cool. I have a nice little component in my room though plus sleep quite well as a result. Thank you universe for my charming mini split a/c unit!

Mini split air conditioner