Found a great commercial roofer in Spokane

I own a Borders in Spokane, WA and my roof is going. It started off just being a few shingles that were pulling off. Then I noticed a tiny leak in one section of the store. Then the small leak turned into a greater one and more than one location… When I started closing the store for rainy nights due to the buckets strewn about, I knew I needed to call a Spokane, WA commercial roofer. I shouldn’t have prolonged calls about a roof. The Spokane commercial roofing company was legitimately straightforward with me. The level of detriment caused by the previous shoddy roof meant I had to do significant repairs. The roof had to be completely stripped off and redone again. I had to replace all the drywall in the ceiling of my bookshop. I needed new lights, a fresh coat of paint, and even needed to replace the flooring in spots. It was a big end bill because I was negligent about the roof. Now that it is done, it is such a relief not to worry about water detriment anymore. Now when it rains the locale stays dry. The new roof makes my Borders look legitimately new and high-end as well. So if you are looking for a commercial roofer in Spokane, Washington, I highly request these guys. I loved the upfront pricing, fast results, and impressive end product. I didn’t feel a roofing task could be that efficient and painless… Paying for such a sizable commercial expense is going to set me back, however it is my own fault for that.


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