Fake Heating plus A/C technology is keeping them safe – trump rally

This pandemic shit is getting crazier plus crazier, am I right? For the past several months all the people has been losing their minds about this viral outbreak ruining the entire world…

And then the United States decided to just pretend it wasn’t happening, let’s reopen! Everything will be fine! Man, has it been a dumpster fire to watch on the news.

I thought that things had reached an all-time low until I was watching a news program with my mom last night. That’s when they showed two mega church pastors proclaiming that they had found the answer to COVID-19 by developing a new form of heating plus cooling filtration. These two idiots were saying that they developed “ionization” technology in their central heating plus cooling system which would effectively eradicate over 99.9% of airborne coronavirus. I am sorry, but if that was the case, do not you assume that a major heating plus cooling business would have developed that patent before these two bozos? If there’s currency to be made, I guarantee that a business is going to do it. And that goes for air purification, heating, cooling, plus ventilation companies, as well. I am sure that there have been plenty of professional Heating plus A/C servicemans plus scientists working together to try to develop new air quality control technologies in the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic. The thought that some random churchgoers came up with a futuristic air cleaner powerful enough to service a big mega church with amazing indoor air is particularly ridiculous. I cannot wait to see what they say next, after their miraculous heating plus cooling innovation doesn’t protect anyone from contracting the virus.


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