Extremely old Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C is annoying

I recently just started a new part time job working at a local theatre downtown. It is a historic theatre that has been around for at least 50 years. The building has been broken down and sectioned into smaller buildings and even has elevators with the old handheld cranks. While they have upgraded some of the components of the only thing they haven’t upgraded the a/c. This wouldn’t be such a sizable deal except the system for the ticket box office has started to leak and create water pockets in the ceiling. The water pockets have also started leaking right over one of the box office windows which is causing a bit of an issue as when people pay or acquire tickets their items are now becoming wet. When our managers informed the head of the theatre about the issue they simply stated that we would have to turn the air conditioning off once we leave. When I asked my manager isn’t there more we could do to try and fix the issue, she simply stated that because we are a nonprofit company we just don’t have the budget to try and fix the a/c itself as there are more important upgrades that need to occur. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed though that at some point a donor will come in and see the water pockets above the box office and offer to donate the cash to pay for a solution.


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