Exercise and heating and cooling

I am not the most fitness savvy person.

I blame this on the climate where I live.

Majority of the year the air is thick and balmy making it always feel warm and sticky outside. I used to give excuses saying it was too muggy to go outside partly because it was true, and then because I just didn’t want to work out. Now I sing a different tune. I have found a way to work out without going outside. No, it isn’t paying a fortune to go to a gym either. Instead I stay at home and while watching my favorite shows I do specific exercises depending on what happens in the show. I’ve lost five pounds so far using this new technique. Being home also means I get to use the comforts of my home’s climate control. I just had a new system recently installed and therefore the air in my house is constantly to my liking. Previously, my air conditioning tended to only get down to 80 degrees,even if I set the temperature as low as it could go on my thermostat. During hot summers 80 degrees isn’t terrible but it didn’t really help motivate me to get up and go. With my new air conditioner I can set the climate to a lower temperature and my place actually gets below 80 degrees allowing me to work up a sweat in comfort. Now there is no reason for me not to exercise, however, I still try to find excuses to postpone my daily routine none of them are climate related.


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