Eight oil furnace jobs to do

I have a busy week next week, so this week I am kind of getting ahead with my other work so I can focus on what I have to do that week.

Today is Wednesday and I am going to get my work done for the week before Saturday arrives so I have a couple days to just relax.

I went surfing last night for a bit but came in early when the shark spotters spotted some great whites in the area. They come in here and look around for food, so when that happens all us surfers vanish. Heating up in the summertime brings in the bigger sharks for some reason, so I heed my HVAC tech buddy’s advice and get out of the water as soon as a fin pops up. These big great whites are no joke and if they want you they will take you. I had a good heating supplier friend disappear a few years back when he went out surfing after working for his local business that day. They never found him, but found his surfboard only, with a huge bite out of it from a 17 foot great white they estimated. I am happy working on my oil furnace jobs each week when the sharks are too thick in the sea, something that I don’t mind doing with my HVAC tech duties. I’ve had way too many friends lose their lives from attacks over the years and don’t want the same thing happening to me. The biggest loss was my awesome local contractor friend who vanished after leaving the heating supplier office to surf for the evening.

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