Dogs and whole-house air purifiers all around

I suppose my friend and I have more dogs than ever now in this town.

It seems like when I go out I see more dogs walking than people, although I know that is how it is in this town so I just need to accept it.

I like dogs, but when you go out to get a little social time and end up just talking with dogs, well I know life is a bit weird here. Sitges is actually a peculiar town than most, and if you come here for a visit you will see why, but most local businesses here cater to the tourists and most of them have great heating and A/C so that people are comfortable and come back again. I have been living here for almost four years and like it here because it just feels like a great locale for artists to perform and grow. The heating dealership keeps me busy doing Heating and Air Conditioning work each week, which gives me time to practice my rock n roll and focus on growing as a rock n rollian. I suppose within about two years my friend and I are going to be traveling around the country in a nice RV and I’l have to leave my job at the supplier. I like to do heat pump work and space heater repairs for the local dealer, and he gives me great hours and pays me well, but rock n roll is going to be my main gig in about two more years. I am enjoying the process of growing and learning as an artist and I feel that my friend and I have something special to show the world. Time will tell.