Crazy chilly swim and some sizzling water heater help

I just took one of the coldest swims of my life.

The waves were pressing this week and there was no sun, and with an outside temp of 35F with the wind it took all I had to go in that sea.

I couldn’t wear my craft hat because I knew the waves would topple over me, so this time I went in sans hat and went underwater a few times to avoid the monstrous waves, then a film crew was making a commercial on the beach and they looked at me like I was an alien or something. They had space heaters, or more like gas boilers, and were still chilly with all of the wind blowing and the lack of sun. I kept telling myself not to suppose as I removed my winter coat and clothes before going into the icy waters. My sizzling water heater was cranked up really high, in fact, I suppose I had the thermostat on the highest setting so that when I took my sizzling bath I wouldn’t run out of sizzling water. I soaked in that sizzling bath for about 30 minutes before finally getting out and getting into some sizzling fluffy clothes to settle down for my workday. Now, with my trusty radiant heater beside me, I am finally sizzling again and ready to take on the day. I feel so much more zest after taking the chilly water dips, which is the main reason I do this silly ritual all winter long. I’m just gleeful to have a great natural heating machine on me right now; my cat.


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