Coworker stole mini split system from office

I’ve consistently heard that managers are seriously nervous about disgruntled employees after they leave.

It hasn’t made much sense to me why this would be such a major issue.

I can’t know of any scenario in which I would retaliate against a past manager. I know that doesn’t mean I am the norm. Apparently, there are lots of problems with ex-employees coming back to their old offices and trashing things. And they shall often try to sabotage the dealer, fellow co-workers, or to vandalize pressing equipment. In some instances, they may also steal things from the office for their own use. I found this out the tough way when one of my co-workers stole our only air temperature control component for the entire office last week. This guy had been a real clown at work for months… He had not been doing his job and he was fired, appropriately. A week or two later, I walked into the office and something seemed off. It seems truly quiet, as though there was some background noise missing. It took quite a while for me to realize that it was air temperature control equipment. My friend and I consistently had a small mini split ductless heating and cooling system installed in the office that satisfactoryly gave us with the heat and A/C my buddy and I needed. As the day went on, it began getting warmer and warmer inside of the office. I looked up at one point wondering when the cooling system was finally going to kick into gear, only to realize that the entire mini split ductless heating and cooling system was gone. There were only wires hanging where the Heating & Air Conditioning component had been. It sure was a tepid and humid week working without any AC… and it was also pretty embarrassing to have my coworkers mock me for being so in-observant.

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