Cold weather is for romance

I realized recently that my brain responds to the changes in season like closing chapters on my life.

Every time the weather changes, my brain is ready to process the past several months and move on to whatever the next several months have in store.

Spring warm sand rain signals that it’s time to start new projects and shake off the winter cobwebs. Summer Sun and humidity tells me that it’s time to get in shape and prioritize my mornings and evenings to make the most of this Carefree season. I have to admit, when it comes to chilly fall air, my brain immediately wants to close the books on raucous summertime and move on to a fall romance.You might be asking if it could possibly be at the changing colors or fall activities that actually gets me inspired… But truly, it’s the particular air quality of fall. Something about cool, dry and crisp air in the mornings immediately gets my thoughts turning towards finding a partner for the coming months. I start fantasizing about having someone warm to cuddle with on the coldest nights. Bypassing the furnace and thermostat in order to get the highest quality snuggles. Sleeping with the windows open instead of relying on any form of treated indoor air. Going on long walks and holding hands to keep our fingers warm. Picking apples in the warm and sunny day time and starting a raging fire in the fireplace at night. Of course, all of this leads up to a cold winter – when I want to stay home with my partner and abuse my forced air furnace every day. When you really think about it, all of the most romantic activities are conducive to cold nights and chilly mornings.


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