Broken hotel HVAC showed me that partner cared

I guess that when you grow up in a rough household you have a rough outlook on life. This is what I’m realizing with every passing morning as I learn more about myself and the way that I see the world. I have only recently decided that it’s not normal to be as fearful and paranoid as I am when it comes to most people, arenas, and things, however honestly, I have a tough time going outside of my comfort zone and experiencing much of anything these afternoons. This is why I was certainly distraught when I started falling for a new boo. However, this past weekend his complication for our heating, cooling, and air quality control system entirely helped me feel confident that he has my best interest in mind. It all started when my friend and I made the decision to go out of city for the weekend and wound up at a hotel with bad indoor air quality! Our room felt sizzling and muggy the moment that my friend and I walked inside. No matter how much I played with the central heating, cooling, air quality control system that was supposed to service our suite, it seemed like the HVAC system was non-responsive. The indoor air only continued to get warmer and muggier as time went on. I entirely tried to kneel down and go to sleep, although I was so uncomfortable because of the heat and humidity that I nearly started to cry, then my partner was gone in an instant. He disappeared to the front desk where he demanded that our heating and cooling component was immediately fixed or my friend and I were immediately moved. Once my friend and I were updated to the honeymoon suite with a working HVAC system I could not help but fall in prefer a little bit.

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