Bon Voyage to a terrible a/c

My sister is the luckiest man I know, and she just got provided to go on a cruise to the upper north region of the country along with a pit stop through Canada.

She was super excited because the weather up north is still fairly cool unlike where my friend and I live where temperatures are reaching the upper 90’s during the middle of the day.

She has been sending pictures through out cruise and while the few is stunning she has failed to easily take any pictures of the chalet he’s staying in. When I asked him about it I assumed she was just wanting to be outside to make sure she doesn’t miss anything like glaciers passing; Turns out, I was kind of right. My sister informed me that while the cruise was amazing, the chalet was uncomfortably overheated and she only spent time in there to change clothes and sleep. When I asked if she brought it up to the cruise staff, she said she had, however, she was then informed that her chalet buddies were requesting it to be that particular temperature in the room, however apparently, my sister was a little bit more excited about the cool weather than her companions. She now has to suddenly change clothes to ensure she doesn’t begin to start perspiring whenever she is in the room. She said that the temperature while a bit toasty is fairly consistent so she was impressed by the cruise ship’s Heating & A/C system in general. She is on her way back to our overheated side of the country and is already dreading it but says that the chalet temperature has prepared him to come back to the heat so all in all the warmth wasn’t such a terrible thing.

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