“As long as you’re stopping by”

I certainly care about seeing my friends plus family but I feel as though I have been unable to spend as much time with them as I would like lately.

Frankly, I am just burnt out plus I cannot stand the idea of making yet another heating plus cooling maintenance repair fit into my schedule.

I know, it seems unusual that I would correlate my enjoyed ones with heating plus cooling repair tasks. However, that has my life. There’s rarely an occasion when I am speaking to one of my supposed friends are family members plus they do not utter the phrase, “as long as you’re stopping by.” That’s the moment when I know it’s not worthwhile for me to stop at their barbecue, anniversary party, or graduation event. They are not certainly inviting me to attend the party because they want to see me, so much as they want to see their central heating plus cooling system repaired. Over the years, I have realized that most of my close neighbors are ready plus willing to take advantage of my knowledge in the air quality control management field. I know that they do not mean anything by it, but their insistence on using me for my Heating & Air Conditioning knowledge absolutely hurts my feelings. This trend started way back in my twenties when I first became certified as an Heating & Air Conditioning professional. All of a sudden, it seemed like my preferred people on the planet were more anxious about their central air conditioning units plus boilers then entirely spending time with me when I arrived at their homes. They would consistently greet me at the door before promptly asking if they could quickly show me something unusual that was happening with their air handling device. After 10 years of this, I know better. I flee the moment that anybody even begins to mention indoor air quality.


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