2. Lack of vents

Recently my boyfriend and I moved into a tiny duplex with his sister.

At first, I was the only one in our room so I was sleeping on an air mattress.

Conveniently, the mattress was placed directly in front of the one air vent in the room. This meant when his sister would turn down the A/C to go to bed I would be bombarded with frigid air that was almost too cold for comfort. When I informed my boyfriend about this he was excited as he had a tendency to get overly hot and it caused him to not sleep through the night sometimes. A week later, my boyfriend and his king size mattress made their way into our room. Sadly, his mattress was much larger than the one I was using so the air vent didn’t hit us as well as it had been when I was on the air mattress. Our first night we both struggled to get to sleep and ended up waking up frequently throughout the night. We struggled to find a solution as getting a ceiling fan put in seemed too much hassle on top of us not really being able to afford going out and installing a ceiling fan on our own. My boyfriend quickly remembered that he had a tiny box fan that could comfortably do the job. The fan lasted two weeks before suddenly giving out on us. We would turn the fan on but the blades refused to spin. It wasn’t until after my boyfriend unscrewed the back of the fan and gave the blades a spin would the system start. When it did get going it would let out this blood-curdling screech as if the engine was about to give. We are now considering the ceiling fan again as it is only a matter of days before the box fan gives out completely.

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