Getting an automation system for my parents’ home

My parents are in their eighties yet remain quite independent, they still drive themselves to their appointments, mow their own sod and enjoy a fairly active lifestyle, while it’s charming that they are able to remain in our childhood home, I worry about them.

I try to stop by and visit every day.

I either give them a call or text every night to make sure everything is alright, then for my peace of mind, I invested into an automation system for their home. Initially, they weren’t blissful with this idea. It took a while for them to get comfortable using the system, however several times, they set off the alarm. The security company called me, and I was able to supply the code to avoid sending the police, then now that they have gotten more accustomed to the operation and features of the automation system, they enjoy it, my dad enjoys the ability to adjust the control machine by talking to it, she is constantly raising or lowering the temperature by a couple of degrees. My mother enjoys the surveillance cameras. She gets alerts on her phone whenever there is movement in the yard. She properly gets to see squirrels, turkeys, possums, raccoons, deers and the occasional fox in the sod. She can also check to see who is pulling into the driveway or kneeling on the front step. I like that there is a panic button. If my Dad or dad should get destroyd or need help for any reason, all they need to do is push that button. It gives me peace of mind.

Smart Thermostat Installation